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Welcome to ATELIER SCHWAN! Elevate your pottery experience with our exclusive membership. Enjoy part time or full time studio time, priority access to workshops, and become part of a supportive artistic community. Just make sure that you can work independent and don't need any teaching. Join us at our studio, where passion meets pottery, and every member is part of a vibrant creative team.


You only need to buy your own clay. The minimum duration is 3 months.

What is included?


  • Exclusivity

    • Restricted number of memberships ensures a more intimate and exclusive experience.

    • Maintaining a low member count to avoid overcrowding and ensure ample space for each individual. One (M membership) or half (S membership) big shelf compartment dedicated for your work

  • Serene Environment

    • Enjoy a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in our pottery studio

    • The studio's design and layout prioritize a calm and focused ambiance, providing an ideal setting for creative expression

  • Personalized Experience

    • Members often find themselves alone in the studio, fostering a sense of privacy and personal space

    • Access to the kitchen, teas and coffee machine

    • Firings will be done by the studio staff. Firing fee at a lower price for members.

  • High-Quality Facilities

    • Pottery equipment and tools, ensuring a good experience for members.

    • Direct access to clay with a discount price. Every full time member is offered one bag of clay.

    • You need help? Take a look at our book-table (10+ books)

    • Acess to high quality pottery wheels, different kind of engobes, well curated glazes (10+ glazes) and all needed materials

  • Community of Like-Minded Individuals:

    • Connect with fellow members who share a passion for pottery and art

    • Learn from another, help each other and stay inspiried


  • Special Events and Workshops

    • Access to exclusive events and workshops with a discount to join (20%)

    • You are invited to display your art in pop up studio- and selling days

  • Priority Booking and Reservations

    • Members receive priority when booking studio time and participating in events. 

    • Ensure availability and flexibility in scheduling, enhancing the overall convenience for our exclusive members.


Discover the Freedom of Our Pottery Studio Spot System!

We understand the importance of flexibility and clarity. That's why we've introduced our spot system, where each spot grants you 3 hours of uninterrupted studio time.

This system isn't just about managing our studio; it's designed to empower you to take control of your schedule. With clearly defined spots, you can plan your studio time with ease, ensuring that you have dedicated hours for yourself. For us, it means a more organized and efficient studio environment. You can easily book your spot via an app.

Beyond the logistical benefits, our spot system offers you the freedom to access the studio when it suits you best. No more worrying about conflicting schedules or crowded spaces – with your reserved spot, you can immerse yourself in the art of pottery with peace of mind.

Enjoy pottery on your terms!


MEMBERSHIP S // 135,- 


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If this sounds good to you let us know about you and your pottery experience. We are happy to see you soon :)

Thank you for your message!

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